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America’s Top 10 Dirty Cities

June 30th, 2011

You will be surprised as some are very popular tourist locations. A clean vs. dirty city can be rated by many things such as but not limited to: the taste of the water, air pollution, litter…

1. New Orleans
Known for Mardi Gras, good times, parties, people and more. But would you like to clean up after all that?

2. Philadelphia
Quickly moving up the ranking for dirty cities… Philadelphia has not been known to be much of a city in the environmentalists’ eyes, or designers’ opinions.

3. Los Angeles
This city is loved by many but rated poorly by more. The City of Angels is not ranked well for quality of life, good air quality or pedestrian friendly…

4. Memphis
Might not be the safest city, or the most environmentally friendly but it sure is known for its barbeque and blues music…

5. New York City
With the world-class culture, amazing and diverse locals and truly awesome neighborhoods, the dirt is not as bad as other areas, but you sure will pay a heft price being there as they are ranked most expensive city in the nation.

6. Baltimore
Baltimore could be called boring by some for its lack of great parks, hotels and interesting people but that may be just what you are looking for in your next adventure or as you shop Baltimore homes for sale.

7. Las Vegas
Sin City…. Yes, I am sure this one fits right into a dirty city. Might be cleaner, but as the saying goes what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, maybe the dirt does too… Though that does not stop tourists from going and having great times and wild weekends!

8. Miami
Miami is popular, fun and busy but that will take its toll over time therefore marking this as a less clean city that others. But if you’re looking for great beaches and views Miami is the place for you.

9. Atlanta
The name is more popular than some of the attractions there, but the Atlanta Real Estate speaks for itself. When you’re done shopping don’t miss out on the amazing barbecue from the south.

10. Houston
May not be the dirtiest or cleanest city, but is well known for its oil and southern food and hospitality. But the Houston Real Estate trends definitely make their own mark for all to see.

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