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3 Keys of Successful SEO Campaigns

June 27th, 2011

3 Keys to Search Engine Optimization

3 Keys to Search Engine Optimization

SEO also known as, Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website or page in the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, etc. without paying to increase your search results. Building a successful campaign will include the following three keys and will result in a long-term success plan.

Target Keywords

Keywords are the starting point to all successful SEO. You will need to research and complete analysis around any and all keywords which may be relevant to the websites products and /or services. Starting with the most basic and general keywords and expanding to more that relate to each item. Then search for more keywords relating to those keywords. This pattern is repeated multiple times to find the best and most relevant keywords. This strategy will also assist you in finding the best target keywords which will assist you in ranking higher on the search engines. Remember to include lateral keywords along with your targeted keywords. Lateral keywords are with the same meaning as your other existing keywords. Example: If your website pertains to “Lansing Real Estate”, you should also optimize it for the term “Lansing Homes for Sale.”

Robust Page Element Optimization

Using HTML coding on the different pages of the website is not only necessary but crucial in Search Engine Optimization. Including your Keywords and search terms in the HTML code will let the search engine spiders or crawlers know what the page is about.

Title of the page: The title of the page (title tag) must include your targeted key terms and search terms and be a well composed sentence that is 64-70 characters long. It should never simply be a string of keywords or keyword phrases repeated. A successful page title will not only be targeted towards the keywords but will lure the person in to click on it in the search results.

Page Headers and Headings: Page Headings and subheading should include the targeted search terms and properly formatted page headers and headings using H1, H2, & H3 tags. You can format the heading by using cascading style sheets to fit with the content of the webpage. H1 tags should be used for the heading of the main page and should only be used more than one time on a page where it makes sense. H2 and H3 tags can be used for headings and content subheadings in site navigation.

Alternate Text Images: Build and optimize the Alt characteristics of images by incorporating targeted keywords in which all will have some relevance to the image. Alternate text should describe what the image is to the visitor. When optimized correctly, the Alt text will help increase keyword ranking for the image and the webpage in image searches. Alt text should be related well to the image and be very brief.

Link Anchor Text: The content of the site should include links to other pages of the website that include keywords in the anchor text. Using two or three keyword links within pages containing 150 or more words is ideal. Never fill the page full of keywords or keyword links. Multiplying the content more than once to the same page does not increase or provide additional SEO benefits. This is important to remember also.

Sound Quality Page Content

Websites with sound quality content will offer yet another step to being closer to the top search engine rankings. The search engines are continually improving the quality of search results. To ensure always being relevant; especially when algorithms are updated; provide content that search engines will consider high quality. This type of content is never copied from other web pages or websites. It must be unique and provide value to a visitor. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), Writing guides, fact sheets and practical use articles are all very good ways to add good content to a website. You will give other webmasters a reason to link to your website by keeping in mind that having great content will give the search engines a good idea of what your site is about.